The only thing better than a mixte is a custom built mixte. Meet Hilary’s Chartreuse mixte commuter. Im a big fan of attention to detail and this bike certainly reflects careful and particular attention to the details.

Mr Chapman from Chapman Cycles has to be a little OCD. The frame is Columbus SL tubing so the bike will be lightweight, perfect for throwing over your shoulder when confronted by stairs or throwing around your house (where a bike this nice naturally lives when its not being ridden). Among a long list of other custom touches, its worth noticing the use of corks to plug the bar ends (which also house custom inverse brake levers, cut down to size and re-anodized to better fit Hilary’s small hands) (image 4). There is also a cork fender spacer between the steering tube and front fender (image 4). Im also a huge fan of internal tubing, which I think makes a frame look cleaner (much like many fixies look) without the drama of having to go brakeless.  

A beautiful bike. (via Hilary’s chartreuse mixte commuter - Chapman Cycles)